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The Teamsters Union is celebrating the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court today to reject the challenge to the so-called “Dreamers” program that would have resulted in 650,000 people brought to the U.S. as children being deported. The Teamsters previously joined an amicus brief for this case with other unions which demonstrated how rescinding the DACA program would jeopardize union workers, their families and the country in general, while doing little to address the need to reform our broken immigration system.

“For centuries, this country has served as a beacon of hope to millions across the globe who sought opportunity and refuge,” Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said. “We are glad to see the Supreme Court agrees. These children are our children now.”

While the issue of immigration can be complicated, immigrant children in good standing should not be penalized because elected officials refused to get their act together and enact comprehensive reforms. They deserve an opportunity to continue to live their lives with their loved ones in their adopted home country. George Miranda, President of Teamsters Hispanic National Caucus (THNC) and a union International Vice President, and Ron Herrera, Executive Director of the THNC and a union International Vice President, agreed.

“DACA has allowed young people, including Teamsters members and their children, to go to college, work, and live their lives in the open,” Miranda said. “Today’s victory is thanks to the unceasing activism of the Dreamers themselves. Our union was proud to stand alongside them in this case and will continue to organize until all our immigrant sisters and brothers are protected. We cannot have worker rights without immigrant rights, or vice versa. Working people regardless of nationality must be part of one labor movement if we want safe jobs, strong unions, and prosperity for our families.”

“Today’s announcement by the U.S. Supreme Court rejecting efforts to end DACA is a tremendous victory that protects the gains that have been made by brave men and women who have fought for decades for the humane treatment of immigrants in our country,” Herrera said. “Thanks to this important program, DACA recipients including many Teamsters have been able to improve the lives of themselves and their families. They have been able to purchase homes, start families, and grow our economy.”

That said, immigrant workers are far from in the clear. Lawsuits such as Ramos v. Neilson are still pending, and an unfavorable decision there could result in workers with temporary protective status (TPS) being deported. Plus, the upcoming election is likely to shape any permanent immigration solution. “While we celebrate today, the fight is not over,” Herrera added. “As we head into the election season, we must vote and demand that our elected officials create a permanent solution that provides a pathway to citizenship for all immigrants. This will not only strengthen our communities, it will strengthen our labor movement. Now more than ever, we must stand united as Teamsters, standing shoulder to shoulder with our immigrant brothers and sisters in our communities and in the workplace.”


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